Coding your web applications and software is a matter of trust. Leverage the astute project management and agile coding talent pool at COMMUNICATION ENGINEERS to make your development a success!

In modern communication technology, rendering information to be available over any distance requires processing of that information in computer code. “Code” is short for “Programming Language”.

The team at COMMUNICATION ENGINEERS facilitates and streamlines the transfer of information between people and organizations in all languages. To facilitate this transfer between human users, a minimum of 2 man-machine interfaces, and one or multiple machine-machine interfaces will be involved. Each interface requires translation between code, languages, symbols, images which humans understand and/or which allow data to be submitted to, understood and processed by the counterparty.

In today’s industrial landscape, several key areas of programming, or coding domains, may be identified:


Web Programming

Websites are naturally coded in the standard web programming language: HTML (now in version HTML5), as complemented for style, presentation and a degree of browser-based functionality by CSS (now in version CSS3).

Most website functionality as implemented within the browser on your local device is managed using JavaScript snippets downloaded with the website into your browser.

CMS (Content Management Systems, e.g. WordPress) use databases for on-demand processing of user requests, relayed via PHP, a server-based scripting language enabling dynamic website functionality through the internet connection, and executed on the hosting server.

While the past few years saw a drive towards server-based PHP implementation, rather than relying on device-based JavaScript, more recently JavaScript has become more popular again – especially as it is often implemented remotely using ready-made online script libraries such as jQuery. Even more recent developments aim to duplicate, and replace any effects offered by Javascript using “pure” CSS – something only possible on a larger scale since the introduction of CSS3.

Both JavaScript and PHP require at least 5 years of full-time study and hands-on experience to be mastered by a given programmer. The JavaScript web programming language is an entirely separate field of study from PHP, and only few programmers actually master both JavaScript and PHP. Most web developers have no command of either of these functional web programming languages, instead relying on ready-made themes (templates), and knowledge in CSS so as to manipulate the basic HTML website code in terms of style, appearance, and media screen adaptation.

A bespoke web development project requires coordination of multiple talents in both HTML & CSS, as well as JavaScript, and/or PHP (depending on required functionality, e.g. database).

In addition, there are frameworks developed as a compounded implementation of a combination of these 4 programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP). This however only scratches the surface in terms of programming languages available for implementation in web-based applications.

Project management and recruiting of the respective talents in each coding domain for production within one web development project is where COMMUNICATION ENGINEERS excels in meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our team of PHP programmers for hire stands ready to take on the most demanding database-driven web applications (websites, intranet) to move your business forward.

Web application programming

Web applications, known as “apps”, have become a vital marketing and customer-retention tool and serve to greatly extend the functionality of devices, websites, networks, communities, and software. One of the key features of an app is to accommodate intermediate cut-off from an internet connection on a mobile device, and continue serving functionality during such intermission using data downloaded while the network connection had been established.

Web application development poses numerous engineering challenges. Likewise, the diversity of possible functions is virtually limitless. Experienced application programmers now employ a variety of programming languages in app programming: HTML5 (+ JavaScript), JAVA, C# (Microsoft OS), Objective-C (Apple OS) – which is now being replaced by the open source “Swift” – and also the rather venerable C++ for more robust, dedicated solutions.

Objective-C is part of the Apple development framework and fully integrated into all iOS and MacOS frameworks. It’s counterpart in the world of Microsoft is C#. Like C++, these have been derived from the original C computer programming language.

Today’s apps are frequently designed to be browser-based, and often preferred to be cross-platform designs. This can be implemented using HTML5, complemented by JavaScript, while employing JAVA, and the Python programming framework, for certain functions. This specifically concerns apps in the realm of Financial Technology (FinTech), and the Internet of Things (IoT). Only iOS (Mac/Apple) devices, due to their popularity, justify separate investment into a dedicated iPhone app based on Objective-C, and recently more often on the open-sourced “Swift”.

COMMUNICATION ENGINEERS is continually focused on team-building in the core coding disciplines HTML5 (with JavaScript), JAVA, and Python specifically to address challenges posed by required interaction between apps and IoT-devices, and the expected upsurge in demand for FinTech mobile applications.

Software engineering

Before the advent of the internet, device-based software had already reached a very advanced degree of development. The procedures for device-based software engineering are well-established, and the challenge today is efficient management of devices via a network (intranet/internet). Numerous programming languages abound, designed for device applications, firmware, specific operating systems, etc.. For web-based operability, interfacing between different programming languages is frequently an essential part of functional requirements.

Software development is a discovery process, now based on best practice of “agile”, and “lean” software development. COMMUNICATION ENGINEERS is able to leverage a unique combination of expertise and talent to be your custom software development company.


IoT, the “Internet of Things” (IoT) has been heralded as the greatest leap into the technological future now pending widespread implementation. Connecting anything from refrigerators to HVAC, and home security systems to the internet, manageable via a smartphone app, is a dream of electronics giants the world over. The advantages in terms of customer leveraging, and customer retention, are obvious. But for the concept of IoT to be fully successful, an integrated cross-platform approach seems most promising.

Programming code for IoT is now done in a variety of established and new programming languages and software engineering frameworks (C, C++, JAVA, Go, Python, Rust, B#, Assembler, Forth). Indeed, Python has become one of the “go-to” languages in web development, and its use has spread specifically to the world of embedded control and IoT. COMMUNICATION ENGINEERS is focused on development of IoT projects specifically in JAVA, Python, and C++, in combination with web interfaces based on HTML5/JavaScript.


Traditional banking is on the way out. This fact has been embraced by the world’s banking giants, who are hiring programmers in droves to test and implement a variety of smartphone-based FinTech applications. Indeed, the African continent is well ahead of the rest of the world in these developments. Without a traditional banking infrastructure to rely on, most Africans do their banking simply by mobile phone, with mobile carriers doubling as banking service providers.

But the future may well belong to new players in the realm of monetary exchange. Blockchain technology pioneered by Bitcoin is a harbinger of what is to come. In addition, individuals are less inclined to entrust their investment activity to investment professionals, and want to take direct and immediate action on market developments themselves. Placement of funds in speculative and Forex markets is making inroads into private banking domains. Smartphone-based FX and day trading is no longer being regarded as a form of gambling, but a legitimate form of participation in the markets side by side with the big players.

In essence, to retain clients, banks will have to convince them that technology is working in their favor, rather than used against them. This is the current notion, as clients begin to understand how their bank deposits are being leveraged by investment banks in algorithmic trading during wire transfer delays. FinTech opens up a huge basket of opportunities in the changing world of banking, and COMMUNICATION ENGINEERS stands ready to manage the coding of FinTech applications in JAVA, C++, Python, with web interfaces developed in HTML5/Javascript.

In addition, we are able to leverage unique expertise and relationships in the programming of dedicated FX trading applications in MQL4, the coding language of the well-established FX trading platform MetaTrader4. Likewise, Murex is being embraced as a coding framework for trading in all financial markets. Most importantly, clients can opt for payment transfers using Blockchain technology, which in the case of Bitcoin are secured against monetary inflation – a key sales argument for internationally operating FinTech-based banking service providers in years to come.


In addition to the above-referenced core coding domains, a web, application or software development project entertained by prospective clients will be enhanced and facilitated by these ancillary areas of expertise and implementation offered by COMMUNICATION ENGINEERS:

Offshore Software Development

Offshore custom software development, also known as offshore custom software engineering pertains to the production, and maintenance of software using technologies and practices of information technology, project management, mathematics, engineering, QA and UI testing, and other areas of expertise.

Like other traditional engineering domains, software development processes are governed by cost and reliability requirements. Any functional requirements for a software engineering project will focus on five key aspects: strategic fit, evaluation of options, aspects of marketability, commercial viability, and achievability.

Offshore software development is frequently commissioned for product design and architecture, coding and testing, development of SaaS, Internet/Intranet solutions, E-Commerce, CRM, project management and other special web-based services, including solutions for Web 2.0.

COMMUNICATION ENGINEERS is your “offshore” software development company, only a phone call away. We answer in crystal-clear English, and our processes eliminate any obstructive intermediaries, and do away with layers of subcontractors. We talk directly to the people doing the actual programming, who are accountable to us directly in terms of specifications, milestones, NDA, QA, and fulfillment.

Software Localization & Multilingual Documentation

In addition to management of the actual software development process, COMMUNICATION ENGINEERS is uniquely positioned to offer software localization, furthermore help files authoring & translation. Rather than treating these processes as detached and subsequent production processes, we are able to fully integrate the documentation & localization with the software production process. This increases cost-efficiency, time to market, and most importantly quality. Communication between production teams is direct, immediate, and without middlemen. As with all processes managed by COMMUNICATION ENGINEERS, the entire production is managed under one roof and served to our clients from one hand.

Project Management Expertise & Talent Pool

Emphasizing personal acquaintance and relationships eliminating middlemen, COMMUNICATION ENGINEERS draws on a talent pool well-versed in all the world’s programming languages:

Talk to us about your programming needs. COMMUNICATION ENGINEERS may act as the general contractor, guiding you from milestone to milestone at a steady pace in the agile discovery process of coding and software development. “Lean” software development gains an altogether new meaning when managed by us: our processes reduce friction, cut out middlemen (and their margins), enhance communication between domains and disciplines, promote quality and best practices, and save our clients time and money.

Programmer head-hunting

We pride ourselves in astute programmer recruitment by building and maintaining face-to-face relationships with curated talent in all major coding domains. Select clients have already used our services as head-hunters, to garner programmer talent for direct contract, on-site or off-site, as independent contractors, or as employees. Find a programmer by calling COMMUNICATION ENGINEERS.